Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Positive change through personal goals

Welcome back ladies!

I have been thinking as I watch the Biggest Loser that it's time for a change for me and maybe for you.  As I thought about a Biggest Loser challange, I thought how the contestants on the show change fast in 3 months.

Want to have a Biggest Loser challenge with me?

Anyone can join. We can earn points for exercising, healthy eating, staying positive. It doesn't just need to be about losing weight. Lets help one another. Who's in?

Before we begin, we need to have some goals. Pray and ask God for inspiration to set your goals. Once you have set your goals, pray every morning for help to achieve them. Set reasonable goals. They should be something that pushes you, but that you can also see yourself achieving. Along the same lines, don't have too many goals at once. Even two or three can sometimes cause you to lose focus. Also, the goals should be measurable. State the goal in a way that you know if you have achieved it or not.

Here are some examples of personal goals:
  • Start a food journal. Ok, I hated this one at first, but it was amazing how much I was eating off the kids plates or eating the last few brownies just to get the plate put away.
  • Begin to exercise for 30 min. I don't mean hardcore exercising like Jillian Michaels that you have to psych yourself for.  Start light. Walking for 30 minutes, yoga, whatever. Just start!
  • Drink water when you crave something! I am still working on this!
  • Get enough sleep. You may laugh. Try to know what your body needs and do what works for you. I go to bed at 10:00-10:30.  I know it's lame, but it works for me.
Remember, the point is to make a change that has a positive influence.

I can't wait to start with your help. Let's start on May 6th so that we have time to seriously think about and set our goals. Please comment and share the goals you are comfortable sharing. We can all support each other, and maybe we can come up with some kind of prize we can receive for completing our goal. Extra motivation definitely helps, so please share your ideas!


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  1. Instead of a food journal I use its a great way to manage calorie intake and monitor workouts! I especially love the feature where you can type in van entire recipe and break it down by servings!!! Takes some getting used to, but has worked really well for me so far!!!